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Frequently Asked Questions

A. With the amount of hearing devices being made available, it can seem a little overwhelming at first. However, we are able to help you narrow down your choices to find the right devices for you. Some factors in determining the best device include: the technology used, the style of the hearing device, and the environments you spend the most time in.

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Hearing myths

Hearing Myths

MYTH #1: Hearing aids will not help my hearing loss.
FACT: There is a range of hearing devices available that treat all forms of hearing loss. It’s important that you’re fitted with the appropriate device for your needs. Scheduling a hearing screening can ensure you’re using the correct devices.
MYTH #2: I’m too young to have hearing loss.
FACT: Hearing loss can affect any age group. In fact, a larger number of younger people are being diagnosed with hearing loss due to exposure to loud noises. By being aware and identifying hearing loss at a younger age, you can better treat it and prevent it from getting worse.
MYTH #3: Everyone will know I have a hearing loss if I wear hearing aids.
FACT: Having to ask people to repeat themselves is a lot more noticeable than a hearing device. Hearing aid technology has advanced to a level that allows for devices to offer the best hearing quality but at the same time remain extremely small. Some styles, such as the complete-in-the-canal are considered nearly-invisible.
MYTH #4: Hearing aids can make my hearing loss worse.
FACT: When properly fitted by a hearing healthcare professional, hearing devices will never damage your hearing. During your hearing evaluation, we’re to determine the extent of your hearing loss, fit you with the appropriate devices, and program them to work optimally in your most common environments. Reports have shown that hearing devices can actually reduce the rate of hearing loss.

Tips for Hearing Aid Wearers

• Wearing new hearing devices frequently, even when alone, can help you adapt to them quickly.

• You can use a soft, dry toothbrush to clean the receiver and microphone on your hearing device.

• Exposing new batteries to the air for a couple minutes before inserting them into your device can greatly improve battery life.

• Dry hearing devices immediately if they come in contact with moisture.

• Scheduling routine device cleanings and adjustments can ensure you are receiving the most out of your devices.

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Tips for Family Members

• When having a conversation with a hearing aid wearer, speak clearly and directly at them.

• Get their attention with a tap on the shoulder before beginning to speak to them.

• Rephrasing what you say, rather than repeating it, can help them understand better.

• Noisy environments, such as restaurants, can make it difficult for a hearing aid wearer to understand conversations.

• Offer to attend a hearing screening with them. Being supportive can help relieve any stress they might have.

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