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audiologist talking to a hearing loss patient

5 Tips for Adjusting Your Hearing Aids

Hearing Aid Adjustment: 3 Things to Know

Having hearing aids that are properly programmed with the correct settings for your specific needs can make all the difference in your quality of life. As you start to experience the benefits of your hearing aids, you may notice that it takes some adjustment on your part. Here’s what you should know about adjusting your hearing aids:

  1. It takes time to adjust yourself. Once you have had your hearing aids fitted and you start to go about your daily life, it will take some time to train your brain how to listen with the device. You may need to start slow by only using your device a few hours a day to work up to a full day. You will also need to practice with different situations. A one-on-one conversation in private feels different than listening in a public situation.

    During this adjustment period, you should feel comfortable having conversations with your hearing care provider about what you’re experiencing. If you have questions or concerns about your progress, they’ll be able to address them and make sure you’re heading in the right direction.

  2. Maintenance matters. How well you care for your hearing aids can impact how they work for you and your lifestyle. You can maintain your hearing aids on your own by:
    • Handling your hearing aids with clean hands
    • Storing them safely and away from pets and children
    • Checking for wax or dirt that can be wiped away
    • Changing your wax filters as recommended by your provider

    If you bring your hearing aids into your hearing care provider, they can perform a professional cleaning.

  3. Volume settings should stay put. You might be tempted to adjust your hearing aid’s volume but doing this on your own can lead to a few issues. Increasing your volume too much can put you at risk for further damage to your hearing. You can also make your hearing aids less effective by changing the settings. Hearing aids typically adjust for the volume depending on the scenario, so you can allow them to put in the work.

Adjusting to your hearing aids is not always an easy process, but once you do, your quality of life can drastically change for the better. Arm yourself with knowledge and use the resources available to you so you can feel confident about using your hearing aids to enjoy the world around you.

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